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Researching the Agents of Aging



Welcome, and thank you for visiting Longevity Achievement Foundation online. We hope that our website highlights the purpose of research in aging,  Aging at present remains one of the great modern scientific enigmas. The concept of “aging” contains an amount of subjectivity: to the 10 year-old, 50 is old, to the 50 year old, 80 is old. In an effort to define this elusive process, scientists have developed certain requirements to classify a process as aging.

Our Purpose


While many anti-aging remedies crowd the shelves of your local grocery store, most lack scientific evidence ensuring that they are effective in delaying the aging process. This is why we need reputable scientific organizations to spearhead biomedical research concerning aging. Our scientific team at the Longevity Achievement Foundation is comprised of experts from their respective fields. Each member is conscience driven to perform at his highest potential to be certain that all research projects are safe, carefully performed and accurately communicated. 

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You will enable us to continue our efforts to find and cure the causes of aging.  Every dollar you donate goes directly to biomedical researach and the furthering of research which may one day benefit us all.  Click here to donate.

No days you can borrow,

no time you can buy.

                                    ~ Don McLean

Every dollar you donate goes directly to biomedical research. 
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Cellular Compound May Extend Lifespan




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Realities of Discovery
Pipetting Samples and Test Tube

Although certain breakthroughs concerning age-related health issues have occurred in the last decade, we have yet to discover a drastic solution to human aging.  It is unlikely that a silver bullet will solve all aging concerns because the aging process is extremely complex. However, through additional research we can continue to isolate pieces of this enigmatic problem, and create solutions for each.

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