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Fact vs. Fiction

Some common misconceptions about aging and anti-aging  products

Q: People over 100 are more active than those in their 80s and 90s. Fact or Fiction?


A: Fact. Individuals who reach 100 years usually have been genetically pre-selected for long-term survival and reach this age without  disabling diseases or dementia.  This enables them to be more vibrant and active than the majority of the elderly population in their 80s and even 90s who do suffer from these limitations.


Q: No sex and less food leads to a longer life. Fact or Fiction?


A:  Fact. It has been shown that removing the sex organs from worms extends their life span. While we’re not sure why this is, it could reflect the evolutionary concept that once an organism has reproduced, it is no longer needed and begins to diminish.  Similarly, when monkeys and rodents were placed on a calorie-restricted diet their health improved and they lived longer.  Why?   It’s believed that the restricted diet slowed down the animals’ metabolism.  In turn, fewer ”free radicals, which are known to cause cell damage, were produced.  , While re-engineering humans so they are asexual and crave less food might extend life, who would really want to live longer if it meant living without sex and food?

Q: Eating “royal bee jelly” (the food which is served to the queen bee) lengthens human life because queen bees live for years versus drones who only live for months. Fact or Fiction?


A: Fiction. This belief is absolutely false. 

Q: Women’s average lifespan is 5 years greater than men’s. Fact or Fiction?


A: Fact. There are several reasons why this is true. First, men have testosterone. When males hit puberty their testosterone levels surge causing them to be more risky. That is why the death rate of males between 15-24 is three times higher than that of females. Also, females release estrogen, which helps increase HDL (good form of cholesterol) and thus they have less chance for heart related ailments. Finally men tend to gain weight around their abdomens as they age, this puts stress on the vital organs in the chest cavity. Women, on the other hand put on excess weight around their hips and buttocks where no vital organs are located.

Q: By taking SODS, catalase or glutathion peroxidase supplements an individual can lengthen their life by at least 2 years. Fact or Fiction?


A: Fiction. These compounds might help to retard the aging process, but scientific evidence is lacking. However to have any possibility of being useful they must be produced in the body. These capsules are simply digested when swallowed, and rendered completely useless.


Q: Blueberries are an excellent food to prevent aging. Fact or Fiction?


A: Fact. Blueberries contain anti-oxidants and other ingredients which bring about a host of positive changes...from better anti-inflammatory activity to more pliable membranes. Other anti-oxidant fruits include: cherries, oranges, raspberries, raisins, and kiwi.

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